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ITELSIS designs and manufactures TV Transmitters and Gap-Filler for the standards DVB-T2, ISDB-Tb and TVB-T/H.

Our product catalogue includes a wide spectrum of equipment from 0.2 W through to 1000 W in various configurations.

We deliver the capability of realizing comprehensive "turn-key" projects, covering planning, installation, and the network operating and maintenance services, resulting in a global solution to specific needs.

The continued investment in R+D+i enables us to stay at the frontier of technology and develop new products, that look at all times to satisfy market demands. For example:

1.-The utilization of the latest technology in solid state LDMOS, high efficiency power supplies and other technological resources, has enabled us to increase the efficiency in terms of consumption and occupied space.

2.-The utilization of programmable logic facilitates the implementation of the latest Digital Television standards (DVB-T2, ISDB-Tb, DVB-T/H) and the latest techniques of echo cancellation for use in SFN networks.

3.-The development of communication protocols, enables all equipment to be equiped with local and remote management through standards like SNMP and HTTP for web access.

4.-The design of frequency agile equipment and the implementation of digital precorrection enable us to offer N+1 or N+2 redundant configuration solutions.

5.-The possibility of remote uploading and updating of firmware for simplifying O&M tasks.

6.-The design of "customized" solutions such as closets and racks for special outdoor applications, power supply systems with solar energy, are examples of our cababilities in customized applications.

Our premises are the innovative character of our proposals, always looking for the satisfaction and benefit of the client, optimizing the quality/price ratio and offering on each occasion the best solution.