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ISDB-Tb STANDARD Low power equipment for 200mW, 1W, 2W, 5W and 10W


The MRTVD2 series is the most evolved low power family of transmitters and gap-fillers offering optimum multi-channel solutions to complete coverage in small shadow zones.

Specially designed for achieving maximum realiability using redundant power supplies and modularity for the broadcasting of multiple digital channels.

Technical characteristics: 
  • Output powers of 200mW, 1W, 2W, 5W and 10W per multiplex.
  • Maximum reliability with redundant supplies and modules removable in operation.
  • Latest LDMOS technology in UHF.
  • Multi-channel solution, with up to 4 multiplex per subrack.
  • Permits mixed configurations of transmitter, gap-filler and transposer in the same subrack.
  • Input streams in ASI and IP.
  • Includes digital precorrection.
  • Adaptive echo cancellation with double cancellation window in gap-filler.
  • Optimized consumption.
  • Excellent phase noise. Reference OCXO.
  • Remote management: SNMP/Web Server.
  • Maximum accessibility with front panel for displaying measurements and configuration.
  • Redundancy: N+1 (N≤8), N+1 and dual exciter.
  • Forced ventilation with velocity control for increased component lifetime.
  • Availability of outdoor solutions.
  • Optional DC supply for systems powered by solar energy.
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