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DVB-T/H STANDARD Low power equipment for 200mW, 1W, 2W, 5W and 10W


The MRTVD series is family of low power transmitters and gap-fillers offering optimum multi-channel solutions to complete coverage in small shadow zones.

Specially designed for achieving maximum realiability with redundant power supplies and modularity for the broadcast of multiple digital channels.

It allows for up to 4 multiplex in a single subrack, sharing a single power supply and control module and where each multiplex can be configured as a transmitter, gap-filler, regenerative,...,and so allowing hybrid solutions in a single subrack.

The foced ventilation with fan controlled velocity helps increase the usefull life of the system, leading to lower maintenance costs. There are solutions adapted to each need, for example, outdoor cabinets, solar or battery powered DC power supplies,...

Technical characteristics: 
  • Output powers of 200mW, 1W, 2W, 5W and 10W per multiplex.
  • Maximum reliability with redundant supplies and modules removable in operation.
  • Latest LDMOS technology in UHF.
  • Multi-channel solution, with up to 4 multiplex per subrack.
  • Permits mixed configurations of transmitter, gap-filler and transposer in the same subrack.
  • Adaptive echo cancellation with double cancellation window in gap-filler.
  • Includes digital precorrection.
  • Optimized consumption.
  • Excellent phase noise. Reference OCXO.
  • Remote management: SNMP/Web Server.
  • Maximum accessibility with front panel for displaying measurements and configuration.
  • Redundancy: N+1 (N≤8), N+1 and dual exciter.
  • Forced ventilation with velocity control for increased component lifetime.
  • Availability of outdoor solutions.
  • Optional DC power supply for systems powered by solar energy.
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