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Mission, Vision and Values


To develop a personal and harmonized business project based on commitment, innovation and a vocation for global service.

To promote participation and integration of its professionals in management and results, opting for a management model in constant review and improvement which will guarantee a sustainable development that will allow us to achieve a position of leadership.

All of this based on training and innovation for the development of technology and human capacities.


The new ICT technologies are changing the way we think, communicate and do business.ITELSIS wants to continue contributing to their devolpment , innovating hand in hand with a community of clients, providers, partners and employees
This will enable us to achieve constant continued growth, firmly establishing ourselves as a reference point in the market, with a strong international presence and a diversification of activities in other emerging areas where our knowledge and experience is put into value.


  • Innovation: We try to transform the latest advances in technology into new products, applications and ways of working, through an appropriate and effective link between technology and the needs of the market.
  • Teamwork: Dedication, involvement, dynamism and commitment are implicit values in all employees that work for the company, and when placed together enable us to achieve the goals and objectives we propose.
  • Ethical commitment: The image and culture of the company is reflected in the honesty, rectitude, and dignity of its leadership and employees, acting in a transparent and responsible manner at all levels.
  • HR policy: The dynamism in the sector, together with the natural growth of the company, demand continuous adaptation to change, requiring of us a large dosis of commitment, iniciative and participation, for which our objective is to attend our employees concerns, professional expectations, motivation and recognition.
  • Total commitment to Quality: Quality and excellence of service must be the identfying hallmark in all our management processes.
  • Client support: This is the center of all our strategic decisions and its opinions help us develop and implement our policy on innovation.