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ITELSIS is a Business Group focusing its activity on: the Telecommunications sector, designing and manufacturing its own products; the delivery of professional services; and in the development and implementation of ITC solutions in emerging sectors where technology is indispensible and basic element for growth.

Aware that we are in a new digital era and in a constantly evolving global market, where technology and the human factor play a differentiating and decisive role, the Company is at present inmersed in a process of innovation, expansion and diversification which will permit it to embrace the global market and the information society. The values of the Company revolve around aspects we consider fundamental for its present and future development.

  • Permanent and global innovation in all areas.
  • Total commitment to quality: Not only in the manufacturing processes but also in every other area of process management, these commitments are reflected in our certificates for Quality and Environmental Control ISO:9001 and ISO:14001.
  • Customer support: This is the center of all our strategic decisions and their opinions help us develop and implement our policy on innovation.
  • Human Factor: The fundamental assets of the Company are its clients and our employees, we owe ourselves to them and try each day to make them feel confortable and identified with the common project we share.

Our origins

The Company's origin dates from 80's decade, when a group of professionals in the Telecommunications sector led and developed an innovative and totally client oriented technological project, its inital activity being design, manufacture and installation of equipment for TV broadcasting, as well as the integration of telecommunications equipment and systems in general.

Its beginnings are previous to the deployment of private TV networks for national and regional broadcasters, where we collaborate very actively, offering our clients a comprehensive productive process that covers design, manufacturing, engineering, installation and after-sales service for the equipment deployed. This converts the Company into a technological marker and a reference provider in the market.

Since then, the company has not stopped working in different projects that have given it a recognized prestige in the sector and ample experience in different areas, that range from the participation (1997-2002) as founding partner in a group of Companies that led the deployment of the 2nd national Global Telecommunications operator , to the participation in international projects in Latin America, Australia, China, Morroco, etc.

The fruit of all this accumulated experience, the knowledge acquired, the desire for innovation and investment in R+D+i, is that ITELSIS has once more played a vital role in the deployment of Digital Television (2005 onwards), being a provider of reference in the market, supplying over 4500 units to clients distributed all over the world.

Toward the end of 2011, continuing with its Strategic Plan 2011-2014 in the area of diversification of activity, ITELSIS strengthened and extended its presence in the market, by acquiring strategic participations in various Companies in the sector, all characterised by their dynamic profile, high degree of specialization and added value in its tasks.


These operations complete, develop and consolidate our Business project: ITELSIS GROUP, based on commitment, innovation and a clear vocation for global service.