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ICT Solutions

From the IT area, we transversely deal with every sector susceptible to use new technologies, as a basic and differential element for its growth, modernisation and competitiveness improvement in terms of cost efficiency.

The activity is currently focused on the following areas:

  • Tecnological and Business Consulting,
  • Fraud Compliance, Prevention and Security Engineering,
  • Information Systems: CRM, Document Management and
    Business Management Processes.

Within Technological Consulting, we specially work on areas related to Cloud infrastructures by helping our clients to choose a supplier, to design and execute the Migration process and to manage the secure interconnection between Public and Private Clouds. Therefore, we receive support from our specialised partners: Parallels, Citrix Netscaler, SoftLayer, Double-Take etc.

Within Business Consulting, we work on the commercial area of our clients to define, redesign and analyse it for adapting it to CRM strategies. Within Fraud Compliance, Prevention and Security Engineering, we work with our partner SpectorSoft for security solutions, especially on those areas sensitive to information leaks.

We design and implant Information Systems for Companies and Organisations, CRM and Process Management namely. Information Systems with management and control solutions, like tests.

Apart from the areas we are working on more actively, we are required for projects within system and network optimisation and for developing applications in J2EE environments for sectors as different as the Electric sector and the Training sector.

Therefore, we are counting on:

  • The Group Enterprise offering support for this Business unit:
  • Silenus Consultoria

  • Partners:
    As a fundamental element of our solution development strategy, we work together with partners and technological suppliers. The suppliers we usually work with are shown in the following chart.
Wonderwere System Integrator