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M2M Solutions

This Business Unit has led to an ITELSIS GROUP start-up born with the name of Smart Green Labs that clearly refers to the two pillars on which this company is based on:

  • Smart sector (Smart Grids, M2M solutions for the industry sector, etc.)
  • Green sector (efficiency or energy saving and, in general, efficient use of the available resources).
  • Regarding the SMART world, we are specialised in the telematic control and management of global teams and infrastructures.

    With the platform (Network Monitoring System), our clients within the electricity distribution sector can have a more efficient and reliable automatic supply. Thanks to the progressive implementation of our solution, they are making it possible for their distribution networks (Grids) to stop being passive to become intelligent networks (Smart Grids).

    Apart from distribution networks, we are also keen on any kind of equipment and infrastructure management, creating personalised projects and managing installations. We provide our clients with the optimal solution, both at a software (multi-screen, multi-user, multi-protocol…) and hardware level (PLCs, remote management, turnkey projects…).

    Within GREEN sector, we are keen on Energy Audits,, by basing on the observation, methodology, study and installations monitoring. Besides, we do not only offer solutions, but we also have the ability to implant improvements that can obtain a quick profit to our clients' investment.