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Energy Audits


The services we provide our clients with are based on the comprehensive control of the company's energy consumption. Therefore, every process carried out is audited and its real individualised consumption is measured.

The second step is the hiring proposal, which consists of the search and analysis of the proposal by the marketer offering the best rate to our clients depending on their particular features.

By means of the information provided in an energy efficiency study, companies will exactly know where their consumption takes place and which processes have to be improved to increase their energy efficiency, in the power, thermal and even light fields. A big part of the companies do not know that the majority of their processes are energy inefficient and that they could get savings due to the optimisation, which justify this sort of study, with amortizations lower than a year in the majority of the cases.

We have stood out among our competitors by giving an added value to our audits in the search, not only of processes that obtain a higher energy efficiency, but to also pare our clients' invoices down to the minimum.