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Infrastructure Management System


One of the main business lines is the development and integration of platforms for the measurement, registration and remote monitoring of different parameters and physical values used in different processes, such as industrial, infrastructure management, electricity network processes, etc.

The implementation of these made-to-measure applications for each client and their integration in the production systems create an added value that facilitates the reduction of the operating and maintenance costs.

We integrate multiprotocol platforms for remotely controlling and managing a big amount of devices: PLCs/RTUs,.. This application allows for the real time monitoring of chemical, physical or transportation processes in water supply systems to control the generation and distribution of the electric power, gas supplies or oil pipelines and other distribution processes.

We offer made-to-measure comprehensive solutions for the monitoring and management of infrastructure alarms (temperature, generator alarms, UPSs, rectifiers and batteries, presence of electricity network, gate opening, presence detection, CCTV...)

Hence, we have the support and certification of renowned partners.

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