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Zero emissions cities

ITELSIS takes part in the project ZEC (ZERO EMISSIONS CITY)

13/11/2014 - M2M Solutions

Itelsis is part of the consortium who will work in develpoments for the project ZEC (ZERO EMISSSIONS CITY) financed jointly by the Regional Galicia Government, Axencia Galega de Innovación and FEDER funds from the European Union.

The project ZEC, ZERO EMISSIONS CITY (IN852A 2014/42) is defined as a system of real time evaluation of the energy consumptions of the different systems of demand to be able to act from the balance sheet of the carbon footprint as an indicator of management, information and analysis of the actions directed to improving the efficiency and to the reduction of consumptions.

Our mission will be the design and implementation of the different devices able to create a distributed network of sensors as well as in the design of robust communications between the different physical elements of the platform.