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This Business Unit has led to an ITELSIS GROUP start-up born with the name of Smart Green Labs that clearly refers to the two pillars on which this company is based on:

  • Smart sector (Smart Grids, M2M solutions for the industry sector, etc.)
  • Green sector (efficiency or energy saving and, in general, efficient use of the available resources).
  • Regarding the SMART world, we are specialised in the telematic control and management of global teams and infrastructures.

From the IT area, we transversely deal with every sector susceptible to use new technologies, as a basic and differential element for its growth, modernisation and competitiveness improvement in terms of cost efficiency.

The activity is currently focused on the following areas:

  • Tecnological and Business Consulting,
  • Fraud Compliance, Prevention and Security Engineering,
  • Information Systems: CRM, Document Management and
    Business Management Processes.
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