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From the IT area, we transversely deal with every sector susceptible to use new technologies, as a basic and differential element for its growth, modernisation and competitiveness improvement in terms of cost efficiency.

The activity is currently focused on the following areas:

  • Tecnological and Business Consulting,
  • Fraud Compliance, Prevention and Security Engineering,
  • Information Systems: CRM, Document Management and
    Business Management Processes.
Wonderwere System Integrator

This Business Unit bases its activity on the design and integration of solutions to address the Telecommunication needs of our clients.

Our premises are the innovative character of our proposals, always looking for the benefit and satisfaction of our client, therein the importance of our alliances with technological partners of recognized prestige in the market. The certification of ITELSIS as an expert partner for the solutions of the needs of relevant names in the telecommunications industry, evidence the solvency of our projects.


ITELSIS designs and manufactures TV Transmitters and Gap-Filler for the standards DVB-T2, ISDB-Tb and TVB-T/H.

Our product catalogue includes a wide spectrum of equipment from 0.2 W through to 1000 W in various configurations.

We deliver the capability of realizing comprehensive "turn-key" projects, covering planning, installation, and the network operating and maintenance services, resulting in a global solution to specific needs.


La adaptación al cambio es requisito del dinamismo del sector y del crecimiento de la propia compañía.

Departament of Marketing and Communication
Sistemas Audiovisuales Itelsis, S.L.

Polígono Industrial del Tambre, Vía Edison, 16.15890
Santiago de Compostela
+42º 54’ 50” -8º 30’ 53”
Telf. +34 981935570 Fax. +34 981936799
www.itelsis.com e-mail: itelsis@itelsis.com

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