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ITELSIS designs and manufactures TV Transmitters and Gap-Filler for the standards DVB-T2, ISDB-Tb and TVB-T/H.

Our product catalogue includes a wide spectrum of equipment from 0.2 W through to 1000 W in various configurations.

We deliver the capability of realizing comprehensive "turn-key" projects, covering planning, installation, and the network operating and maintenance services, resulting in a global solution to specific needs.


La adaptación al cambio es requisito del dinamismo del sector y del crecimiento de la propia compañía.

Departament of Marketing and Communication
Sistemas Audiovisuales Itelsis, S.L.

Polígono Industrial del Tambre, Vía Edison, 16.15890
Santiago de Compostela
+42º 54’ 50” -8º 30’ 53”
Telf. +34 981935570 Fax. +34 981936799
www.itelsis.com e-mail: itelsis@itelsis.com

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