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Advanced Electronics Engineering

The constant effort in investigation, the vocation to innovate and the permanent search for solutions have made Itelsis a reference in the design and manufacturing of electronic equipment for the telecommunications sector and the development of ICT solutions.

The company has incorporated into its business culture the concept of open innovation, that arises as a new paradigm which conceives innovation as a system where internal and external agents participate in the process, and is based on:

  • Utilizing and developing differentiable technology that provide us with sustainable competitive advantages.
  • Involving our clients and suppliers in the definition of our products and services.
  • Collaborating with third parties to orient the company toward activities of higher added value and reduced time to market.

Our products and services comprise, in a large part, custom designed hardware and software . To carry out this task we use SW simulation tools, both for printed circuits as well as for radio frequency circuit simulation, that are essential for the design of the product and optimize the development time.

Our engineers have knowlege in diverse areas and technologies:power electronics, digital electronics, RF, control of industrial processes, components engineering etc, that are necessary for offering complete products and solution, in many cases complying with concrete client specifications.