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Software Engineering

In Itelsis we have engineers specialised in programming techniques and programmable logic that enable us to implement all types of digital modulation schemes, techniques for echo cancellation,..., as well as the development of remote control and management systems, that provide the capability to manage each equipment or module and integrate them in an operator's network management system under the SNMP standards and HTTP protocols.

The embedded SW in our products is characterised by its flexibility and adaptability to the functional requirements of each application. In the working environment for our equipment, robustness and reliability are a must, so we perform testing in the laboratory in conditions very similar to those experienced in the field. Given all of this, we highlight the importance of rigorous version control and compliance with international standards in the SW development process.

The continuous training of our software engineers is a basic premise for the evolution and improvement of the products we offer our clients, since our engineers posses the experience of developing embedded systems on a variety of platforms (ARMs, PICs, FPGA,etc.), operating systems (ThreadX, eCos, WinCE, etc) and solutions for PC, which enable us to adapt to every specific requirement.