ITELSIS is a Business Group which focuses on: Designing and manufacturing its own products in the Telecommunications sector; providing professional services, offering development and implementation of ICT Solutions to other emerging sectors where new technologies are core and essential factors for growth.

As we are now in a new digital age and in an evolving global market where technology and the human factor play a competitive and decisive role, this Company is currently undergoing a process of innovation, expansion and diversification that will enable it to address the new demands of the global market and the information society.

The Company's values are solidly based upon fundamental aspects in the company’s current and future development. These include:

  • Global and constant innovation in all areas.
  • Absolute Commitment to Quality: not only in the manufacturing processes but also in process management. This commitment is clearly evident and is certified by ISO:9001 and ISO:14001 Quality and Environmental Control.
  • Customer Service: this is at the heart of all our strategic decisions. Our clients’ feedback helps us to further develop and implement our policy for innovation.
  • Human Factor: our clients and employees are our company’s main asset. As such, it is our aim to make every day feel more comfortable than the last and to help everybody feel an essential part of projects we share.

The origins

The Company's origins date back to 1989 when a group of professionals in the Telecommunications sector led and developed a technological, innovative and totally customer-based project. Initially the company focused on the design, manufacture and installation of TV broadcasting equipment and the integration of telecommunication equipment systems in general.

Our company’s beginnings coincided with the launch of private national stations and regional channels in 1990. Our company still actively collaborates with these stations, offering them and all our clients a complete production process ranging from design, manufacturing, engineering, installation and after-sales service of all required equipment. This has led to our Company being considered as a leading supplier and benchmark for technology in the market.

Ever since, our company has continued to participate in various projects that has led it to be recognised in the sector for quality and its extensive experience in various areas. These have ranged from participation as a founding member in a group of companies that led the roll out of the 2nd Global Telecommunications operator at national level (1997-2002) and participation in international projects in Latin America, Australia, China, Morocco, etc.

As a result, this accumulated experience, the knowledge gained, the desire for innovation and investment in R&D&I has meant ITELSIS has once again played a vital part in the roll out of Digital Television (2005 onwards). It is a benchmark provider in the market, supplying more than 4,500 pieces of equipment to clients worldwide.

With the ongoing development of its activity diversification, ITELSIS strengthened and expanded its market presence by acquiring strategic shares in several companies in the sector. All these companies are characterised by their dynamic profile, high degree of specialisation and added value in their activities.


As well as creating:SMART GREEN LABS (SGL), it is a technology start-up focused on the Utilities sector, and in particular the electrical distribution sector.

These ventures complete, develop and consolidate our Business project: an ITELSIS GROUP based on commitment, innovation and a clear vocation to be a global service.

Mission Vision Values


To develop a harmonised and personalised business project, which is based on commitment, innovation and a vocation to global service.

To promote the participation and integration of its professionals in management and results. Our Company fosters a constant review of its management model and encourages improvement to ensure a sustainable development to maintain our leading position.

All this is based on innovation and training in the development of human and technological ability


New eTIC technologies are changing the way we think, communicate and do business, ITELSIS has the desire to further its contribution to development and to continue to innovate with clients, suppliers, partners and employees

This will allow us to continue to grow steadily, to further establish ourselves as a benchmark in the sector, with a strong international presence and diversify activity to other emerging areas where our knowledge and experience will be put to good use.


Innovation: Our aim is to transform new technological advances into new products, applications and behaviour patterns through the proper and effective linkage of technology and the needs of the market.

Teamwork: Dedication, involvement, dynamism and commitment are values implicit to all company staff. Working together will see us achieve the goals and objectives we set ourselves.

Absolute Commitment to Quality: The quality and excellence of services must be the hallmarks throughout any management process.