Sersbiotech Project

The project "SERSBIOTech: IoT System for Automatic Detection of Pathogens in water through Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology and nano SERS technological integration for the Prevention and Control of Infectious Outbreaks in Aquaculture Farms" aims to develop a new generation of ultrasensitive biosensors based on the use combined nanochemistry, molecular recognition and bio-functionalization, in a lateral flow chromatography (LFA) system integrated in Raman scattering spectroscopy (SERS) software.

Specifically, a real-time detection system for pathogens in water will be developed through the development of a reliable biosensor for on-site and remote monitoring of infectious diseases of great relevance to the aquaculture industry. This system would cover the current need that exists in the sector for the development of new rapid and automated detection systems for the detection of pathogens.

The objectives of this platform will be:

  • Strengthen the competitiveness of each of the members of the consortium, placing them in a strategic market position at a national and international level within their respective sectors.
  • Take advantage of the multisectoral nature of the project to enhance synergies and transfer technologies between the sectors present in the project.
  • Encourage the transfer of R&D&i results to practical applications in the market.
  • Promote the evolution of the Galician business fabric.

The following companies participate in the project that we lead from Itelsis:

  • Itelsis
  • Mestrelab Research SL
  • Galician Marine Aquaculture S.L. (GMA)
  • LINCbiotech

The SERSBIOTech project has been subsidized by the Galician Agency for Innovation (GAIN), with the support of the Second Vice Presidency and the Ministry of Economy, Business and Innovation, through the calls for aid for the year 2021 of the Conecta Hubs program, with File No. IN852B 2021/1, co-financed by the European Union, through the EUROPEAN REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT FUND (ERDF), “A way to make Europe“.