APTC Project

Advanced Product Analytics Platform for Consumer Decision Making

The APTC project aims to carry out the conception, research and prototype development of a comprehensive product and consumer analytics platform at the point of sale. This platform will be focused on satisfying the information and analytical needs that manufacturers and producers in the agri-food sector have to make 'data-driven' decisions (supported by data) on the intrinsic characteristics (recipe, shape, size, weight, etc.) and extrinsic (handling, packaging, positioning, advertising, etc.) of its products.

Within these general objectives, Itelsis carries out different tasks of conception, design, and development of sensorization and monitoring hardware in physical stores, as well as the development and validation of prototypes.

Convocation information

Our company was one of the beneficiaries of the Conecta Hubs convocation for collaborative projects in the strategic areas of Digital Innovation Hubs, whose award was published on October 18, 2021. Within this call, the consortium is integrated by Redegal, Itelsis Audiovisual Systems, Reclam Advertising Marketing and Graphic Arts and Coop Ourensanas, S Coop. Gallega with the aim of carrying out the APTC PLATFORM project.


After the first year of the project, the consortium has been able to closely follow the planned planning, and with this it has been able to successfully advance in the following milestones:

  • The needs and limitations of sensorization in physical and digital stores have been defined according to a process of customer analysis and market analysis.
  • A complete design of the different sensor systems in physical spaces has been obtained, as well as their integration and communications with the data platform, and work is currently being done on their manufacture.
  • A complete design of the technical architecture of the data platform has been obtained, as well as a functional implementation of its first iteration. Currently working on the development of the second iteration focused on advanced data processing.

Within the aforementioned convocatory, the project is subsidized by the Galician Agency for Innovation and charged to ERDF funds for regional development, as well as supported by the Second Vice Presidency and the Ministry of Economy, Business and Innovation.

Plataforma APTC - Conecta Hubs