Automation and SCADAs

The growing importance in the automation of industrial processes, and their monitoring and remote control has seen us become specialised in the design, development and launch of SCADA systems.

Thanks to the experience gained in the sector over the last decade, Itelsis has developed a SCADA for remote control and monitoring of electrical distribution networks: Sismored, a fully innovative, versatile and customisable tool, cost-effective for all types and sizes of networks

Sismored 4.0 Features

Totally web

Accessible from any device without installing any specific software

Personalised alerts

Configuring alerts, so that no event goes unnoticed and real-time alerts for the support team


Geo-positioning transformer centres with real-time monitoring of their core features

Simulation module

Performing actions and analysing their consequences before being carried out in the field

Automatic actions

Definition of automatic actions associated with certain events

User permissions

Permission management for each of the tool's users

Mobile app

Possibility to access Sismored 4.0 with any mobile device (iOS, Android)

Equipment integration

Possibility of the integration of any client equipment: header relays, network analysers, etc.


Sismored is used by numerous distribution companies of various shapes and sizes. Thanks to our clients’ input, and our team’s work, Itelsis has achieved an innovative, robust and scalable tool, which adapts to the needs of each network. Sismored currently helps manage:

more than 100
Distribution Networks
more than 6000
more than 600
Remote Control Centres
more than 300

In addition to offering a specialised SCADA for the control of power grids, Itelsis also offers tailor-made tools for our clients, whatever the needs may be. Contact us without any obligation for a customised solution for your business.


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