Going Project

The Going project defines the requirements and applications of its new Outdoor / Indoor IoT geolocation tool for logistics 4.0, and advances in the development of its components - IN852A 2018/9.


GOINg is a strategic project, whose main objective is to design and develop an IoT device integrated in rotomolded parts and a platform for analysis and management of processes using Big Data for external and internal geolocation applications in the field of industrial logistics 4.0.

Main advances

During the third year of execution of the project, the prototypes of each of the components that make up the solution under development have been completed (structural part of the device - rotomolded and integrated structural polyethylene shell; geolocation system prototype including Gateway devices and firmware; and management platform - cloud-based application (Software as a Service (SaaS) that ensures access to the application and data from any device (Laptop, Tablet or mobile)), as well as to carry out partial validation tests in order to evaluate their operation (evaluation of the structural behavior under conditions that simulate operation during the operating life; evaluation tests of electrical and thermal behavior, as well as autonomy tests in case of geolocation systems; and evaluation of the operation of the management platform and its interaction with the user).

Subsequently, was carried out the integration of the different developments in a joint device, which were integrated as an embedded block within a final rotomolded prototype piece, as well as the final validation of the joint device, where the information received was analyzed (for example, times, position and hits) to identify the most relevant data. Finally, an industrial feasibility study was carried out in order to technically and economically evaluate the products and services developed during the project.

Intersectorial Cooperation

Included in the Conecta Peme 2018 program, the project consortium is led by Rotomoldeo de Galicia, S.L. (Rotogal), and has the participation of Sistemas Audiovisuales Itelsis, S.L and Ingeniería Insitu, S.L. Furthermore, the Galician Automotive Technology Center (CTAG) and the GEOTECH / Applied Geotechnologies research group of the University of Vigo participate as collaborating research organizations.

This project is subsidized by the Galician Innovation Agency -GAIN-, and has been supported by the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Industry of the Xunta de Galicia.