Corporate Solutions

Corporate Solutions

Our Business Solutions combine hardware, software and professional services with extensive technological and business experience, focusing on solving and optimising our clients' needs to ensure companies a return on investment and facilitate decision-making, thus avoiding expenses without return or profit.

These applications are cloud-based (SaaS), ensuring access to the app and data from any device (PC, tablet, or mobile) and worldwide through internet access.


To face the challenges of cybercrime, an increasingly plausible threat, Itelsis has been promoting important changes in its structure to set up a Cybersecurity department endorsed by the most prestigious Certifications in existence today: OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional) and CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker)

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Thanks to this, we can directly offer our clients all kinds of services in this area: Security Audits, Risk Assessment, Penetration Tests, Security Policies, etc.

Audit and Systems Architecture

Itelsis has decided to add a new value to its catalog by offering client-oriented Audit and Systems Architecture services. Backed by extensive experience in implementations, we offer the possibility of carrying out complete studies of the existing infrastructure in order to propose solutions of all kinds, which contribute to improving and ensuring the work environment.

We propose solutions for: Auditing, Network Architecture Design, Virtualization Solutions, Backup Solutions, WiFi Networks, Video Surveillance Systems, VoIP Switchboard, etc.

Secure Communications

With the rise of cloud services, teleworking and device mobility, society has experienced a significant increase in crimes related to the theft, modification or destruction of information. One of the main causes is the use of insecure channels of communication, which favor the vulnerability of the data.

Itelsis has specialized in actively participating in the search for secure communications solutions, advising the client and helping him with implementations that limit these threats. To this end, we carry out studies of the work environment and propose solutions for VPN tunnels, digital certificates, monitoring and analysis of data traffic, etc.

Corporate Management Solution

Project Manager, CRM, Help Desk? Why not have it all well-integrated?

Our web-based solution allows the highest level of detail to be configured with all kinds of modules and interactions tailored for. It offers maximum flexibility when faced with any possible future changes. Our platform adapts to each client’s needs, and not the client having to adapt to us. Thus, it can be fully shaped to the workflow of each company or institution and offer maximum efficiency in the daily management of every project or business.


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