Provision of A/V equipment for the assembly hall of the USC Social Council

The USC Social Council (Consello Social de la USC) is the institution for Galician society participation in the public universities that make up the Galician university system. Its mission is to promote collaboration with universities and society in response to the teaching and research demands of its environment in order to contribute to the social, professional, economic, technological and cultural development of Galicia, improving the quality of the public higher education service. university and obtaining the necessary resources to ensure their economic and financial sufficiency.

Within its facilities it has a noble assembly hall, in which Itelsis has carried out the technological renovation of its multimedia and audiovisual systems, so that any type of institutional act can be held with the assistance both in person and remotely by any assistant. The endowment consisted of the following:

  • Professional PTZ cameras for retransmission and production through streaming and/or videoconferencing systems
  • 75” 4K resolution screen monitor for local presentation of content or attendees
  • PC/Windows based “hybrid” content presentation system
  • Audio reinforcement and amplification local system
  • Digital microphone pickup system

We highlight the adoption of this latest audio capture system, based on ceiling "pendants" digital microphones with total coverage of the room, which allows the noble aesthetics of the space to be kept intact, and which frees up all the space for the speakers at the table without visible wires and with superb sound quality.